Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, research, and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Joyce Friedman MSW

Community Pets Program Manager, Animal Care Centers of NYC

Emily Gelb

Director of Community Solutions, Asheville Humane Society

Jon Geller DVM, DABVP emeritus

The Street Dog Coalition, The Street Dog Coalition

Paula Gerstenblatt PhD

Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Southern Maine

Trish Haak

Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Judith Harbour

Susan Harris

Open Harmony, LLC

Dr. Alicia Kennedy BSc BVMS MAICD

Cherished Pets

Christine Kim

Senior Community Liaison, NYC Mayor's Office of Animal Welfare

Nicole Lang

Assistant Director of Field Education, Boise State University, School of Social Work

Emily Lewis

Senior Staff Attorney, Criminal Justice Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Dr. Pamela Linden

Veterinary Social Worker, President of the International Association of Veterinary Social Work, Program for Pet Health Equity

Maureen MacNamara PhD, MSSW

Appalachian State University

Hanna Mamzer MA, PHD

Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University

Christine Miner

Jeannine Moga LCSW, MSW, MA

Jeannine Moga LCSW PLLC

Amanda Molé LCSW

Elissa Nealley Andrews

Dr. Zenithson Ng

Clinical Associate Professor, Organizational Affiliation University of Tennessee

Leslie Nichols

Tori Oropello

Director of Forensic Services, Fellowship Health Resources (FHR, Inc.)

Kris Otteman Brant DVM, ABVP, CAWA

Colleen Parker

PALS Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator at Urban Resource Institute, Urban Resource Institute

Dr. Bethanie Poe

Middle Tennessee HABIT Coordinator, University of Tennessee, HABIT Program

Rebecca Poplawski LMSW

Program Coordinator, University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work

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