Pia Cash

Community Solutions Assistant, Asheville Humane Society

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Pia Cash started her career in animal welfare in 2007 as an Assistant Adoptions Supervisor at Animal Humane New Mexico and then the following year helped develop and run AHNM’s new Behavior and Training Center, including implementing their behavior helpline to assist in the prevention of owner surrenders and operating behavior modification programs to help shelter pets prepare for their adoptive homes. After returning to the animal welfare field from taking a few years off to raise her two daughters, Pia was interested in continuing to provide support to pet owners in keeping their pets. She joined Asheville Humane Society’s Community Solutions department in March 2016, where she has focused her efforts on growing and developing their outreach program over the past 4 years, including spearheading a unique outreach program partnering with the local Housing Authority.

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Improving Access to Vet Care

October 09, 2020, 04:30 PM
Emily Gelb Pia Cash