Prof. Dr. José Fernando Ibañez

Orthopedic Veterinarian, Centro Educacional Anclivepa

About this speaker

José Fernando Ibañez, son of Irene Ayres Ibañez Barrio and José Ibañez Barrio was born in Campinas, state of São Paulo, on June 16, 1971. He received a rigorous education, because for his parents, education was always the greatest legacy they could leave.

A descendant of Spaniards, he learned to speak Spanish even before Portuguese and then devoted himself to learning English.

He studied classical guitar for 10 years, a passion he left behind, after he started his studies in veterinary medicine at the University of São Paulo, between 1989 and 1983.

In the career of Veterinary Medicine, Ibañez was a resident, then he graduated with a master's degree and subsequently achieved a doctorate. His main areas of expertise are anesthesiology and veterinary orthopedics.

In 2012, veterinarian Fernando Ibañez was elected president of the National Association of Veterinary Clinicians.

He was professor of Veterinary Medicine at several universities and professor at the Federal University of Paraná from 2012 to 2019.

He believes that animals can improve people's lives and that people can improve the lives of animals. It has in its veins the vision of a prosperous society, where people can live in comfort and harmony with each other and imagine that these goals can only be achieved through the continuous process of education.


Keynote: Public Financing of Pet Medical Care in Brazil

October 08, 2020, 08:15 PM
José Fernando Ibañez