Dr. Alicia Kennedy BSc BVMS MAICD

Cherished Pets

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Dr Alicia Kennedy is the veterinary founder of Cherished Pets, a social veterinary enterprise that supports the human animal bond through all life stages, including the end. She has established its charitable partner, Cherished Pets Foundation, that provides additional support for eligible elderly and disabled pet owners living alone in our community.

Alicia is driven by her social purpose to enable the benefits of healthy companion pets to be accessible to everyone regardless of their status. She is recognized as a national leader in the areas of Pets & Healthy Ageing and Community Health. Alicia is on the National Advisory Committee for Lucy’s Project, an advocacy organization for Pets & Domestic Violence. She is a member of IAHAIO’s Taskforce on AAI – Community Programs, and a recognized thought leader in the Australian veterinary industry on the emerging field of veterinary social work.

Alicia offers a dedicated end of pet life service including hospice care and home euthanasias.

Alicia has also had extensive involvement with the Jane Goodall Institute and worked closely with Dr Jane Goodall to establish a chapter in Australia. Dr Jane is the voice in her head, reminding us that we need to consider our impact on animals, people and the environment in our everyday choices and actions, and that together we can create a kinder, just and sustainable world.

Alicia lives on 3 acres of Victoria’s coastal region, with a menagerie of pets, a tired husband and three amazing adult daughters.

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Every pet deserves a good death. Every person deserves choice around how they say goodbye.

October 09, 2020, 10:30 PM
Alicia Kennedy

Integrating Veterinary Social Work into Private Veterinary Practice

October 09, 2020, 11:00 PM
Alicia Kennedy